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prevent microbes

Get even better sleep

We’re sending your Derila pillow your way. Now, get the specially-designed pillowcase to match.

Easy to wash

Washes easily — just throw it in with the rest of your laundry.


Keep germs off your pillow with an extra layer as you can wash it over and over again..

Sleep comfortably

Having extra pillowcases is like being able to sleep on a brand new pillow, anytime you like.

New pillowcase feeling

These pillowcases always feel brand new.

You’ve Got The Perfect Pillow Now Get The Perfect Pillowcase

Why ruin your memory foam pillow with a regular old pillowcase? After all, that’s the part that’s actually gonna be touching your head.

Get something soft, safe, and comfortable, so you can get the best night’s sleep possible.

Sleep easy

Clean pillowcases mean you’ll fall asleep sooner.

Stay cozy

Using a clean pillowcase just makes you more comfortable.

Sleep soundly

Sleep better, and feel better the next day.

Sleep safely

Clean pillowcases protect you from viruses and bacteria.

The pillowcase that fits

The pillowcase that fits

You might have noticed that the Derila pillow has a unique ergonomic shape. It’s designed to be better for your body, and to give you higher quality sleep. But the problem is, most pillowcases won’t fit it.

We fixed that by making our own pillowcase. It slides right over your Derila pillow.

It’s Like Having A Brand New Pillow

Having extra pillowcases on hand makes it easier to get to sleep. Anytime you feel hot, restless, or uncomfortable, just slide on a new one.


Changing your pillowcase frequently helps you keep microbes — like bacteria, viruses, and molds — out of your bed. That means you can rest easy.


If you’re a parent, you know how much kids love making messes. Often, that means pillowcases don’t last as long as they should. Keep a few extra on hand for when things go wrong.

Cure sleepless nights

Tossing and turning? Keep a stash of extra pillowcases on hand, so you always have a clean one.

Get -50% Discount