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Pillowcase Benefits Mentioned On

Pillowcase Benefits Mentioned On

Unwind in Frenshness Every Night

The perfect fit for sleep

Designed to pair seamlessly with your Derila pillow’s for a snug fit. No annoying wrinkles or bunched up fabric.

Cut down on laundry

No waiting while your pillowcase is in the laundry. Keep a stash of fresh, crisp pillowcases ready whenever you need one.

Super soft, super durable

Made of beautifully soft, cozy fabric that’s a pleasure to snuggle into. Yet tough and hardwearing enough to stand up to busy family life.

Enhance and protect

Keep grime, grease and hidden nasties away from your Derila pillow. And extend its life, so you can sleep better, year after year.

Breathable fabric

Concealed zipper for comfort

Machine washable

Easy to change

The science of better sleep

Maximize your Derila pillow’s ergonomic benefits with the Derila pillowcase.

You’ll get a close fit that hugs the pillow’s ergonomic curves. The pillowcase’s soft, breathable fabric feels comfortable and supportive. For even better sleep.

Scratch the last minute laundry

Crisp, clean and dirt-free

Crisp, clean and dirt-free

Unexpected guests? Muddy dog paws? Spilt coffee? No problem!

With clean, spare Derila pillowcases ready to go, you’ll never need to waste time on extra laundry loads.

Get -50% Discount

Turn any bed into your bed

Turn any bed into your bed

Nothing spoils a vacation mood faster than lousy sleep on questionable bedding. Derila is your secret weapon for a cozy night's sleep anywhere you go: in hotels, vacation apartments, even planes and trains. Take a spare Derila pillowcase with you. For an instantly clean, fresh pillow and refreshing sleep, anywhere.

Ideal for busy families

Sticky fingers? You’ll have a fresh pillowcase in seconds.

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The perfect pillowcase

The perfect pillowcase

Ever experienced the frustration of a pillowcase that just doesn't fit right? Unlike generic alternatives, our Plus Size Pillowcase is crafted to complement the unique contours of your Derila pillow. A snug fit for peaceful sleep.

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Get -50% Discount

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