Give Your Knees, Ankles, and Legs the VIP Treatment



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Give Your Knees, Ankles, and Legs the VIP Treatment

The Secret to Comfort in Any Position? The Derila Knee Pillow!

If you sleep on your side…

Do you wake up with an achy back and joints, feeling like you aged 10 years overnight? Try the Derila Knee Pillow! It keeps your hips and pelvis stable, enhancing back alignment and reducing joint strain.

If you sleep on your back…

You might be all too familiar with waking feeling swollen knees and painful cramps. It’s the worst! Luckily, the Derila Knee Pillow lifts your legs to optimize circulation, reduce swelling, and minimize cramps.

If you just want the extra comfort…

The Derila Knee Pillow checks all the boxes for comfort: memory foam, durability, firm support, and ergonomic design. Unlike regular pillows, Derila provides personalized support and stays in place all night.

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Derila Knee Pillow – Your One-Way Ticket from Discomfort to Dreamland

Universal Support and Alignment

The Derila Knee Pillow offers standard sizing for a universal fit and includes a soft band that keeps it in place all night long.

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Innovative Design

Encourages proper sleep posture, with a middle hollow for better airflow and comfort.

CertiPUR-US Memory Foam

Moulds to your legs and joints, yet highly responsive to pressure for ongoing support.

OEKO-TEX-Certified Cover

Machine-washable cover that won’t easily peel or lose it’s firmness.

Elevates Overall Well-Being

Helps improve sleep quality, promote proper alignment, and in this way reduce pain, and boost overall well-being.

For Peaceful Sleep. Trusted Worldwide.

Premium Quality Interior

Breathable & Soft Exterior

Targeted Support Helps You Wake Up Refreshed, Not Distressed

Back Support Boost

Back pain often feels inevitable with age, but it’s largely due to poor sleeping posture. The simple answer? The Derila Knee Pillow. It helps support and align your back, easing pain without the cost of pricey products.

Pressure Point Relief

Our knees are the unsung heroes of our bodies, bearing our weight day after day. At night, they deserve the same support they give us. Without it, the risk of problems looms. The Derila Knee Pillow provides the care your knees and pressure points need.

Halt Hip Rotations

Stable hips and pelvis are essential at night. Without stability, pressure builds on your lower back and joints, risking problems in the future. The Derila Knee Pillow helps you stay aligned while sleeping, preventing discomfort and keeping your body aligned.

Give Your Knees, Ankles, and Legs the VIP Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Derila Knee Pillow different from other knee pillows?
The Derila Knee Pillow is crafted with premium CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified memory foam, ensuring it's free from harmful chemicals and built to last. Its unique contouring perfectly supports and aligns your knees and hips, helping you enhance your sleep quality and reducing discomfort.
How does the Derila Knee Pillow help with sleep?
It promotes proper spinal alignment by preventing your hips and pelvis from rotating and misaligning during sleep. This reduces pressure on your lower back and joints, enhancing sleep comfort and preventing pain. You can place one or more Derila knee pillows where you need support most. The soft band will ensure that the pillow stays in place the whole night. By enhancing comfort, you're able to fall into a deeper sleep with less interruptions.
Is the Derila Knee Pillow suitable for all sleeping positions?
The Derila Pillow is a fabulous companion for all types of sleepers. If placed under the knees, it can aid back sleepers with extra support, improving circulation and reducing leg pain. For side sleepers, using between your knees can help stabilize your hips, helping to relieve back pain and pressure point strain.
What are the care instructions for the Derila Knee Pillow?
The pillow comes with a machine-washable cover made from durable double nylon elastane, which is easy to remove and clean, maintaining hygiene and extending the pillow's life.
Can I use the Derila Knee Pillow for purposes other than sleeping?
Absolutely! It's also great for use while reclining on a sofa or chair as it helps maintain proper leg and hip alignment to reduce strain. The ergonomic design and premium memory foam interior means that the pillow shapes itself naturally to your body’s curves, so you can use it wherever your body needs most support.

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