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Wake Up Refreshed After a Good Night's Sleep

Back, neck and shoulder pain are often caused (or made worse by) bad posture and unsuitable pillows.

Later in life, your joints and muscles can't recover from a bad sleeping position as easily as before, so the right pillow becomes an essential.

Poor sleep means you wake up tired, grumpy and struggling. Derila helps you get the restful sleep you need to take on the day.

How the Derila Memory Foam Pillow Helps You Sleep Peacefully

Derila follows your spine's natural curvature, and the memory foam responds to your weight and shape, giving you the support you need to sleep without pain.

Better Sleep, From the Very First Night

Get ready to sleep better with Derila

Undo the damage done by poor-quality sleep

Reduce muscle pain and headaches

Poor sleep posture (especially when combined with stress) can cause back pain and tension headaches. Derila provides contoured support to reduce pain.

Deal with snoring

Regular pillows often contribute to snoring as they fail to provide the right neck position. Derila can open the airways and reduce nasal congestion and snoring.

Sleep on-the-go

Ideal for commuters and travelers, Derila can go with you anywhere, so you can sleep well even in your car or on a plane.

Join 1000+ customers and wake up ready to take on the world

Proper alignment can revolutionize your sleep

Proper alignment can revolutionize your sleep

If you’re used to waking up feeling groggy, tired and stiff after a bad night’s sleep, Derila could revolutionize your mornings.

Made from advanced memory foam, Derila not only supports – it molds to your unique shape, just like a custom pillow (at a fraction of the price). This means that however you like to sleep (back, side or stomach), you’ll get the restful sleep you need.

Derila customers find that muscle pain and tension are reduced, snoring improves and they’re able to get up ready to face the day with a smile.

Sleep-friendly support in any position

Side Sleepers
Back Sleepers
Stomach Sleepers

Derila vs Standard Pillows

Standard pillows

Traditional pillows aren't built for support, meaning your spine ends up in an unnatural curve – often resulting in pain, discomfort and poor-quality sleep.

Derila support pillow

Derila uses advanced memory foam technology to straighten and support your spine in its natural position, reducing pain and improving sleep.

See Derila in Action

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Why Choose Derila?

Advanced Memory Foam
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Ideal for Back, Side & Stomach Sleepers
Molds to your Unique Shape and Weight
Affordable Price

What's inside the Derila pillow:

1. high-density memory foam

This high-quality memory foam adjusts to your shape and weight.

2. Butterfly support wings

Wings at each side mean the Derila works for side, back and stomach sleepers.

3. Perfect sleep height

Holds your neck at the ideal height for a natural sleep posture.

4. neck nook

Gently cradles your head to reduce tossing, turning and restlessness.

5. Cooling outer layer

Regulates temperature so you can sleep in comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will this help with my back and neck pain?

A: Poor sleep posture is a leading cause of pain. The Derila helps reduce back and neck pain, along with tension headaches and shoulder pain, by supporting your spine through the night.


Q: I'm a light sleeper. Will this help me sleep more soundly?

A: Light sleep is often due to discomfort, stress or snoring. The Derila can help by giving you a comfortable, supportive sleep position that aids breathing to help you sleep more deeply.


Q: Is this good for travel?

A: Yes! The Derila is light and easy to transport, and can be used anywhere – on planes, in hotels or even in your car. It works in any sleep position.


Q: Do you think this would make a good gift?

A: Yes – many customers go on to buy extra pillows for their friends and family. It makes a great present for people who work long hours or travel frequently, or for older people suffering from joint and muscle pain.

Get the Sleep You Need to Conquer Day

Customer Reviews

Nancy S.

A wonderful, supportive pillow that's helped me get a much better night's sleep. Delivered fast, even to Italy, and came nicely packaged. I've told my friends to get them too!

Gretchen F.

I LOVE this pillow. I suffer from neck pain and it's really helped.

Elizabeth M.

A great pillow that feels soft but is truly supportive. I've slept so much better since having it.

Hellen L.

Really nice pillow, great quality and exactly as described with fast delivery. Smells good too, unlike some memory foam pillows.

Matt D.

I've bought a few memory foam pillows but this is the first one that's really held my neck in the right position.

Dan O.

Excellent quality pillow that's really helped with my neck and back pain. I'll buy another for my wife!

Faye C.

Bought these for me and my husband – they've been great. I love how supportive they feel and I wake up feeling well-rested.

Dilip G.

Even my cat loves this pillow!

William P.

I have been looking for the perfect pillow for years! The pillow molds to your neck no matter how you sleep. Love it!!