Derila User Guide

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Unboxing your dream pillow Derila for all sleeping positions Take care of your pillow

Unboxing your dream pillow

Larger than it looks

When your Derila pillow arrives, you will see that it is in a vacuum-packed bag. Derila team has chosen this approach for environmental reasons, to make the package smaller. After taking the pillow out of the packaging, leave it for 24 hours to allow it to return to its normal shape & size.

Derila Standard Size: 50*30*6/10CM (20x12x4 in)

1. Remove Derila from the bag and let it expand.

2. For the best possible benefits, let the memory foam air out for 24 hours. It will regain its shape, size & firmness.

3. Get ready for deep, restorative sleep no matter which sleeping position you choose: Derila provides support for back, side & stomach sleepers!

Derila for all sleeping positions

Derila’s ergonomic design is universal, making it appropriate for heads and shoulders of all sizes. It features a universal fit, providing you with the individualized support you need and deserve.

Side Sleepers

Place your Derila so that the large end of the contour sits underneath the hollow of your neck. This will allow the memory foam to ease into your natural curves. You can also put the pillow in between your knees for a different element of comfort.

Back Sleepers

Lay your Derila so that the thinner side of the pillow is facing your head and neck. This will allow you to easily rest your head right into the contour of your pillow.

Stomach Sleepers

Lay the pillow so that the thin side is facing your head and neck. Gently place the top of your forehead onto the contour of the pillow. Adjust as needed.

Take care of your pillow

Removable pillowcase

Derila Memory Foam Pillow comes with a removable, easy-to-clean pillowcase which needs minimal maintenance. Derila Pillowcase is extra soft and breathable. For even more comfort, pair Derila Memory Foam Pillow with a premium Cooling Pillowcase.

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How and when to wash

The removable pillowcase is machine washable, so you can pop it in the laundry as needed. Before washing, please carefully read the instructions on the product label. The inner pillowcase is not removable. The pillow core (pillow itself) cannot be washed. Derila pillowcase can be washed with any universal detergent.

Derila washing temperatures:

  • Standard pillowcase: max 30°C/86°F
  • Cooling pillowcase: max 40°C/104°F

Derila materials

Derila Memory Foam Pillow is made from a high-quality odorless memory foam material. It is chemical-free and does not contain any harmful substances. The outer pillow covering is 100% polyester, while the inner pillow is made from 100% polyurethane. It weighs 715 grams and measures 50 x 30 x 6/10 cm.